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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Well this is not good news-

The BSU just rang to say that the Doc at the controls of the colonoscopy borescope earlier this week called and passed along a referral to Doc #2, a colo-rectal surgeon that he insists I see, poste-haste.

[Note to self: Find that colo-rectal surgeon song music file. It must still be on one of the computers!]

UPDATE: Here's the link to the song! Click the link in the center of the page.

Anyway, surgery was mentioned by the first Doc with a possibility of having the affected system disconnected, shortened and reconnected. There is apparently no cancerous growths right now but whatever needs removed needs removed before it becomes cancerous.

As you might guess, the BSU has got her nerves all jangly and a'twitter over this announcement. So to give her something constructive to attend to, I asked her to make the appointment.

ANOTHER UPDATE: My appointment is this coming Thursday, so no more news on this sensitive subject until after that.

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